Family Style


Family Style Dinners For Four

Filet Feast  62.95
A meat lover’s feast. 8 skewers of Filet Mignon Kabob, 2 cold appetizers + 2 salads of your choice.  Served with Rice, Seasoned Onions, and Pita Bread.

Mediterranean Family 52.95
8 skewers of your choice of Chicken Kabob and Beef Lule Kabob, 2 cold appetizers + 2 salad of your choice.  Served with Rice, and Pita Bread.  Beef served with seasoned onions and chicken served with garlic sauce.

Vegetarian Delight 39.95
A complete vegetarian meal or the perfect side order addition to a Filet Feast or Mediterranean Family order.   The vegetarian delight consists of Hummus, Babaganoush, Cabbage Salad, Taboule, Sarma, Pickled Vegetables, and Pita Bread.


S – Spicy | P – Served with pita bread | G – Gluten free | V – Vegetarian  

– prices do not include tax –