Take Out Menu

AppetizersSaladsMain PlattersPita SandwichesFamily StyleBy the Pound

Hummus $3
A Mediterranean classic! Pureed chick peas perfectly blended with tahini, lemon juice and our special mix of seasonings. Served with Pita bread.

Mutabal $4
Simply delicious. Grilled eggplant pureed with tahini, lemon juice and our mixture of spices. Served with Pita bread.

Sarma (Stuffed Grape Leaves) $5 for 6 pieces
The perfect bite sized snack. Grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice and slow cooked to capture all the flavors. Served cold.

Taboule $4
A vegetarian delight. Parsley, tomatoes, onions and bulgur wheat perfectly tossed with our special house taboule dressing.

Pickled Vegetables $3
Mediterranean style. Every culture has pickled vegetables and this combination is our entry to the worldwide tradition of pickling vegetables.

Cabbage Salad $4
Crisp and refreshing. Freshly cut cabbage seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil and our special mix of spices.

Greek Salad $6
The classic. Romaine lettuce, ripe tomatoes and thinly sliced onions topped with crumbled feta cheese and olives drizzled with our house dressing.

Mediterranean Salad $4
It’s all about the dressing. Romaine lettuce and ripe tomatoes topped with our special Mediterranean dressing.

All meat platters served with hummus, rice, Mediterranean salad, and pita bread. Additionally, beef is served with seasoned onions and chicken is served with garlic sauce.

Filet Mignon Kabob $11
The finest cut of meat. Tender chunks of Filet Mignon seasoned to perfection and grilled over an open flame.

Chicken Breast Kabob $9
Tender and juicy. Large chunks of chicken breast seasoned with our Mediterranean spices and cooked over an open fire.

Beef Lule Kabob $9
The staple food of the Mediterranean. Lean ground beef seasoned to perfection and cooked over an open fire.

Beef Shawerma $10
Chef’s specialty. Tender slices of beef seasoned in over a dozen spices and cooked on a vertical broiler.

Arais $9
Chef’s favorite. Lean ground beef cooked in a pita bread over an open flame. The cooking process enhances the flavors.

Vegetarian Combo $8
A perfect combination of our vegetarian offerings. Platter includes a healthy portion of hummus, mutabal, sarma, taboule, cabbage salad and pita bread.

Beef wrapped with tomatoes and seasoned onions. Chicken wrapped with tomatoes and garlic sauce.

Filet Mignon Kabob $7
Chicken Breast Kabob $6
Beef Lule Kabob $5
Shawerma $6
Arais $5

Filet Feast $50
A meat lover’s feast. Full order of Filet Mignon Kabob, 2 appetizers + 2 salads of your choice, rice, and pita bread!

Mix and Match $40
Your choice of 2 meats (Chicken Kabob, Lule Kabob, Shawerma or Arais), 2 appetizers +1 salad of your choice, rice, and pita bread!

Vegetarian Delight $30
Hummus, Mutabal, Cabbage Salad, Taboule, Sarma, Pickled vegetables, rice, and pita bread.

Filet Mignon Kabob $15/LB
Chicken Breast Kabob $10/LB
Beef Lule Kabob $10/LB
Shawerma $12/LB